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Friday, September 18, 2015

SC V3 Pre-Order Shipping Update

Martin Milner (1931 - 2015)

Where things stand on the Volume 3+ Slipcovers Pre-Orders ...AND more.

PLEASE READ this entire post!

Since Volume #3 was released on July 28, 2015, I have shipped out over 500 V3's and slipcovers to those that Pre-Ordered (all between 2009 and 2014). 

All 136 of you that contributed to "SC SHIP-AID" in late 2013 / early 2014 (thank you!!) have been sent yours.

Everyone that sent $1.00 participating in "SPEEDY-SHIP" (over 400 since July 28th - thank you!!) have been sent yours. 

So what's left to ship?

There are 288 domestic US V3 Pre-Orders remaining to be shipped...and 39 International Pre-Orders remaining...and 14 Canadian Pre-Orders remaining to be shipped. That's 341 left to ship!

ALSO there are 45 Replacement Disc #1's remaining to be shipped (I've shipped 55 out so far and requests are still coming in sporadically) to those who received defective discs #1's. The factory replaced all defective discs and ALL orders since August 6th, 2015 are receiving the newly manufactured discs. I've been sending them out a few at a time and in the order I've received the requests.
So what's the problem?

Every new DVD order (plus the money from each Speedy Ship dollar) has been used to ship out those 500+ domestic and Canadian and International Pre-Orders...every penny received. This was no problem as orders came in briskly for 2 weeks...Then on August 12 that stopped...going from an average of 7 per day to less than 1 per day. I have waited since then for this to improve...but it has not in 5 weeks. I have continued to ship out the remaining Pre-Orders as best I can, but things are not good. 

I have once again put myself in harm's way in trying to honor my responsibility here. I owed the factory a large payment on August 28 which was 3 weeks ago...It's going to be hard to ship by the end of the month without electricity. 

I also thought the rude emails were over but not so...people complaining they haven't received their DVDs, that: "I'll be DAMNED if I'll give you another DAMNED DIME!"..."I am OUTRAGED that you are selling new copies that are shipped BEFORE MINE!"..."WHERE IS MY DVD? Send it NOW!! ... sigh.

Selling a bunch of DVDs will help solve much of The Problem...tell your friends.

I HIGHLY recommend you consider this!

There are 3 buttons below that can allow you to help if you wish. You can click on any button below and send me an order that will automatically fill in your shipping instructions so I can ship with just a couple of clicks…this helps me, helps you, solves a problem for both of us. The first is to send $3.00 for domestic AND Canadian V3+slipcase shipping; The 2nd is to send $9.00 for all International shipping of V3+slipcase; the third button is to send me $3.00 to help me ship the replacement disc #1 to those that are still waiting for theirs.


Please Note - This button below is ONLY for those that Pre-Ordered Volume 3 between 2009 and 2014 and live in the USA or Canada AND want to help me by paying for the shipping!

(button deactivated)
(click the above button to to pay $3.00 for SCV3+Slipcase Pre-Order USA-CANADA SHIP-AID)


Please Note - This button below is ONLY for those that Pre-Ordered Volume 3 between 2009 and 2014 and live outside of North America AND want to help me by paying for the shipping!

(button deactivated)
(click the above button to to pay $9.00 for  SCV3+Slipcase Pre-Order INTERNATIONAL SHIP-AID)


Please Note - The button below is ONLY for those that ordered V3 between July 28 and August 6 2015 AND have a defective disc #1 (that need me to ship a replacement) AND want to help by paying $3.00 for the shipping. (worldwide).

(button deactivated)
(click the above button to pay $3.00 for SCV3-DISC 1 REPLACEMENT SHIP-AID)


Again, I'm doing the best I can here. I LOVE sending out the Pre-Orders, makes me feel really good. I love all the kind words and compliments. Those of you that can, please write reviews on Amazon, on our Facebook page and comment here on the blog. Buy an extra copy for a friend. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!

If you need to write, please...don't yell...and if you're going to help, well...the sooner the better.

That's all the words I have for now. Please help support. - John

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