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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Aviation Day 2015

Dean Fredericks about to take his first flight in a jet…for REAL! In a TF-102A two seat version of the F-102 All Weather Fighter. 1959.


Volume 3 + Slipcovers Pre-Orders & 
Disc 1 Replacements

I'm slowly but surely mailing out the pre-orders of Volume 3 and the slipcases...AND the Disc #1 replacements...please be patient.


From The Mailbag!

Here's some of the email and messages that have been coming in concerning V3:

July 29th: Woohoo! Shipping notice already! :-) THAT's worth a dollar.

Got it Saturday (August 1st)! Gonna start watching tonight...

Dan Ross

Picture sent by Dan Ross

Thanks John,

The slipcover makes a very nice presentation to the complete series.
Don't know how you got all three here in less than 2 days!! Good luck with your sales on this volume.


Hi John,

Thank you for your really rapid turnaround, I didn't even have a chance to anticipate it's arrival in the old Carly Simon tradition! The disc is swell, better than expected, with crisp, clean playback and excellent sound with dead-on EQ. I finished watching it yesterday and saw something in the episode "Room 313" that like the Loch Ness monster, I had long read about but never really expected to see: a 49-star US flag.

I also saw in "The Korea Story" an uncredited appearance by MiG ace "Jabby" Jabara! Even the commercials were entertaining, SCARY but entertaining.

The 3-disc DVD box looks terrific all filled up and looks great on the bookshelf in my clubhouse! Seriously though, I don't have the word to thank you for all of your incredibly fine, arduous work over many years; my "Steve Canyon Special Edition" dvd has a copyright date of 2007, so you have been at this forever and a day, I don't know what I'll do without you!

Thank you so, so MUCH, I wish you continued success and hope you'll find some more Milton Caniff-iana to tempt us with, you are the keeper of the flame!

All the BEST,

John Dacey 


Received Vol 3 a few days ago. Watched it yesterday (a marathon!). You did a fantastic job! Excellent quality and editing. Worth the wait.

Bill Dye


Just finished the first disc of Vol 3, which I got earlier in the week. THANK YOU so very much for hanging in there and delivering what I can only call a "gift" to all of us middle aged aviation nuts!

You've done a beautiful job. It really looks good and I think your efforts were very well spent.

Very best regards,

Chet Zaba

Dear John,

I received today the Steve Canyon Vol. 3 and Slipcase nicely packed and in mint conditions!!

I would like to express you my gratitude for doing so wonderful job restoring the Series and giving me the opportunity I waited for a half century to watch again the episode "Operation Intercept" the one I most remember from my childhood!

Congratulations for all your efforts in doing the task and surely the results are beyond all expectations!!

Thanks a lot!

I wish you all the best!

Your brazilian friend,

Flavio Azevedo Estrella

Hi John,

I received Vol.3 in the mail today. Boy,was I glad to see it. The airmen of America salutes you. You are to be commended  for resurrecting this lost film from the scrap heap of cinema history. 

Long may it live for future generations to cherish this film. Again thank you for having the patience and perseverance to see it through.

What an accomplishment this was.

Marion Ellard


What a great experience again.  It really brings back great memories growing up.

Enjoy the picture,
Photo snt by A.G. McCullough, Jr.

A.G. McCulloch, Jr.


I received my volume 3 DVD today and I want to personally thank you and everyone else who may have helped bring this project to fruition. I know it took longer than most people anticipated but I want you to know that the wait was worth it. My eldest son (who's going to be 32 this year) and I sat down and watched every episode of volume 1 & 2 together and enjoyed every one of them. I called him at work today to tell him volume 3 finally arrived and we're planning to watch them together on his next day off. He's as excited as I am and I know we'll share another father-son moment. Thank you for making that happen and thank you for all the sacrifices you've made personally to get these final episodes into our hands.

Cristopher Rottiers

Sorry about slow response.  Yes, my disc 1 has the flaw - 

If you need help with shipping cost for replacement disc, please let me know how to compensate. 

Thank you mucho! 


P.S. That Paypal mail thing for a buck was easy! 

Hi John,

Just received Steve Canyon volume three plus slipcase. No problems with the discs.
It’s nice to have them displayed in the slipcase.
Thanks again for your amazing effort in bringing this series to life in such pristine condition.
I commend you, as do all Steve Canyon fans!



Hello John,

I just tried my DVD and it has the problem.
If you could send me the replacement disc that would be great.
Please don’t rush, I understand what you are  doing and how you are doing it.

You are doing a great job!!!!!!!!!

All the very best

Glenn Cheney

I know this has been a long, difficult effort on your part. Thanks for
sticking with it, and for being proactive in taking care of a problem
with the final product.

Rich Hicks

Thanks for watching out for us! Now I am really ready to sit back and enjoy what I've waited so long for! Truly excited about watching the complete full season without interruption! By the way, kudos on the slip case.

Kindest Regards,

Chuck Wellman

Hi, John -

Wow, good timing there!  I finished disc one of volume 3 last night, and yes, "The Muller Story" freezes in mid-end credits (right after Dean Fredericks' name, sometimes at the Milt Caniff created box).  I ran it three times, tried fast forwarding but couldn't skip past it.  Never saw the rest of the credits nor the Chesterfield commercial.  Does this qualify me for a replacement disc, or should I try buffing the disc first?

FWIW the three volumes fit very neatly into that boxed set container, thanks!

Hope to view the other disc tonight or tomorrow depending upon family plans....

Glad To Be Of Service!

Greg Kelley

P.S. --  "Room 313" -- Roy Thinnes as a police marksman, toting a vintage Winchester (?!?) -- wow, man, way cool.  But why didn't Amanda Blake get any end credit notice?)

(John Ellis commenting: We don't know why Amanda Blake was not credited...I mentioned that she wasn't listed to Steve Canyon series Casting Director Gene Reynolds, his reply, "That's TERRIBLE!". Either he didn't recall or didn't want to say.


I have really been looking forward to receiving the DVDs. Even though I have been civil and not obnoxious, I have been anxious to get Volume 3. Watching Steve Canyon as a kid led me to join the Air Force. I enlisted in 1969 and retired in 1997 with 28 years active and reserve, including 2 tours in Vietnam. Thanks for all of your effort and suffering the slings and arrows of the uncivil. 

CMS Steve Pennington, USAF, (ret)

You must have broken into some Egyptian tomb to get the original film elements for this project. Even when you think you're finished a new curse is released to bring new despair your way.

My disk is fine and want to say thank you. 


Hang in there, find moments of happiness, and maybe that on easier projects :) 

Volume 3 looks great. The episodes I've watched are gorgeous. We've saving each episode as a special treat from John, trying to savor them one at a time.

James E. Biesterfeld


Received #3 last week on vacation and just a reviewed Disc 1 this evening. Muller story froze at 26/29 minutes but still watched the complete episode. Long road for you with your efforts to accomplish this tremendous task but "You the Man!!"

Alan Yacas

Hello Mr. Ellis,

An awesome Thank You goes out to you for your
understanding and efforts in bringing Grandpa some happiness. He has
completed season one and we will start season 2 probably tomorrow. If you
could have seen is expression when he opened the package you would have
shed a tear for sure... I really can't express the joy he displayed and the
energy he has shown while watching them. He even remembered certain parts
of a few before the scene showed... quite funny ! ... Hope he will make it
through all episodes as he now continues in the hospital.

Thank you thank you !! for all you have done in this situation.

I owe ya one !

Larry Adams

Thank you also for your working through this to it’s completion. It is really great to have all 3 volumes together and in their slipcase too. Every bit of your effort on this is greatly appreciated.

With the best to you always,

Bob Woodside

Hi John,

I checked Vol. 3, Disc 1 this morning as instructed and sure enough mine has the defect.
Disc freezes while credits are rolling and manufacturing flaw is visible on disc.

Thanks for all your effort in keeping Steve Canyon alive!!


Fred Eaton


Hi, John!

Wow!!!  The Vol 3 Steve Canyon is terrific!

And no problem with the end of disc 1.

And I saw my name in the ‘thank you’ section.  I am so proud.

Take care,

Jim Gaudet

Hi John,

 I almost hate to send you this, kind of like poking you in the eye after your fantastic efforts, but my disc 1 does indeed skip and freeze during the Chesterfield commercial. Closer inspection does show a small mark on the disc where your picture indicates.

 I’ve been watching these and savoring each like a fine wine. The quality is outstanding! I dare anyone to put a late 1950’s show on  DVD that comes anywhere close to the outstanding quality of your restoration. Thank you for such stellar detail and the ability to see these priceless gems again.
 On a different note, if the Steve Canyon hats are ever produced again, Please keep my name on a list, as I somehow missed the first run and would love to have one.

 Thanks again and sorry for the trouble.

 All my best,

 Keith Osteen

Steve Canyon now COMPLETE!! Thank you John Ellis!

Christian Bryan

Photo sent by Christian Bryan



 Egads! The forces of the universe must be against Steve Canyon on DVD!!!!  YES, I HAVE ONE OF THE DREADED FLAWED DISCS !  Yes, I need a replacement disc as soon as you can get to it.  Good thing the flaw was not on "INTERCEPT", or i'd be visiting you in person about this !

This must be the icing on the cake for you after all the efforts to get us a perfect product...and it is as near to perfect as a human can get!  Trust the technology to screw with us, every time!  Seriously, what I have seen is great...takes me right back to watching the episodes as a child! 

Again, my sincere thanks for doing this for all of us!  And congrats on such an EXCELLENT PRODUCT...even with the fickle finger(print) of Fate on that disc !!
I hope you have a calm and restful Autumn. I'd say "Fall" but why tempt fate ???

Bob Taylor

Most impressed with the image/sound quality of the episodes I've watched so far and would just like to say thankyou for all your work and to wish you well.

Kind Regards,

Chris Cunneen

Dear John!

My DVD is OK! The flaw is there, but not in the reflexive area of the disc. It is on the edge of the transparent area, next to the center hole-so, it plays normally! I tested it in 4 players(2 Blu-Ray’s).
Thank you for your attention and THANK YOU to bring me back so good memories of my youth! I watched the series in the early 60’s- I’m 58 now…
Forgive my poor English.
Best regards!

Jose Magri Junior

Volume 3 has arrived and is very well done. I went right to Operation Intercept which was the first television show I have a completely conscious memory of watching. The part when the camera zooms in on the frozen pilots has been a vivid memory from my childhood at age 6 years. 

I have been very skeptical after so many years, but am glad my cynicism has been proven wrong. I hope Mr. Ellis can soon rest and recover his health and sanity. Not the way I would run an airline, but it's moot now and the results are great. Thank you, Mr Ellis.

Allen Ditto

Love the new Volume 3, even with the minor glitch from the factory! Fwiw, you made the right decision to release Vol 3 now, even without the documentaries and other materials. Was better in my opinion to get Vol 3 out the door once and for all, than to never get it finished. If you are able one day to put another volume together containing the omitted documentaries and other materials, I'll gladly buy it from you. (Suggestion: don't advertise the new volume for sale until AFTER it's ready to go to the factory. That way, no appearance of broken promises, no undue pressure on you, no wise guys insulting you on the Internet, etc.) 

You are welcome to keep the extra buck I paid for the Speedy Ship. You've more than earned it! Thanks for everything you've done for us!

Jeff Schoen


Mr. Ellis (or John, if I may be so informal) I have never been so happy in my life, as I was when I received my copy of Volume 3, of the Steve Canyon series. My only complaint is that the episodes are too short! This series should have been a Sixty (60) Minute series. I guess its just that I can't get enough of this series. Why was NBC and ABC so stupid as to not renew this series for 5 or 6 more seasons!!!!????  To see my name on the credits as a contributor to bring Steve Canyon back to life on DVD has been more rewarding (to me) than any of the Roger Corman epics I ever worked on.

There will never, ever be anyone who could/can play Steve Canyon, better that Mr. Dean Fredricks.

Well, I just wanted you to know that you have done a thing that has brought so much pleasure to so many "Steve Canyon" fans. Now to put on the second disc of Volume 3 and relive my childhood. You know, when it was too cold, or snowy to play outside, my friends and cousin's played make-believe of last weeks episode of "Steve Canyon". Ahaaaa, what a wonderful era.  

God Bless you and your family,



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