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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Steve Canyon TV Series Article Published

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Mondo Cult #2

About a year and a half ago I ran into an old friend, writer/publisher Brad Linaweaver, at a Ray Harryhausen book signing at the Dark Delicacies Bookstore in Beautiful Downtown Burbank (sorry, old habits die hard). In any event, I showed him some stills and materials from my (then unauthorized) research into the realm of the Steve Canyon TV Series. He showed me his just-published first issue of MONDO CULT magazine, and then twisted my arm until I agreed to write an article on Steve for the next issue. Gleefully agreed I might add. Not long after that meeting I ended up getting involved with The Milton Caniff Estate in the Restoration Project and have had nary a wink of sleep since. But Brad persisted in his task to get me to write "something", and finally, 4,000 odd words later (and I emphasize the "odd" part) issue #2 of Mondo Cult is out, and with it my article "Steve Canyon, Ace of the Airwaves", the most accurate history of the series there is anywhere (as of this writing). AND, if you look on the cover, in the lower right, in wee tiny, itsy bitsy lettering...

Anyway, you'll notice that Steve Canyon On DVD's bestest loveliest friend-type gal BRINKE STEVENS is on the cover of this issue, and there are 120 pages chock-full of fannish goodness (four of them are mine) concerning sci-fi, horror, movies, TV, literature and a whole slew of other things that we HIGHLY recommend. It is available in many retail outlets, you can find one near you by checking this list of Retail Outlets that carry Mondo Cult Magazine. You can also click here to Order Mondo Cult Magazine online. It's $9.95 a copy plus postage...a pretty good deal (if you ask us) for 120 pages of coolness. Editor Jessie Lilley and Publisher Brad Linaweaver did a really great job and we really enjoyed the experience. Thanks!

P.S. If you do go looking for a local retail outlet that carries MONDO CULT, we recommend calling ahead just to make sure they have it in stock before you "scramble" for the cockpit...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Girls of Steve Canyon - Part 3

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Dean Fredericks/Elena VerdugoPhoto #9220-53 - Col. Steve Canyon (Dean Fredericks) is greeted by Captain Maggie Gallagher (Elena Verdugo) on his return to Big Thunder from Okinawa in the STEVE CANYON episode, "OPERATION SOUVENIR."

Yep, it's Elena Verdugo this time, years before her unforgettable stint as Consuelo Lopez, Marcus Welby's altruistic assistant, and years after playing countless ethnic character parts such as the gypsy girl Ilonka in House of Frankenstein (1944). In this episode she plays a bit of a love interest to Steve, then things go bad with smugglers who put the kibosh on their little party.

And another interesting thing, for those who say Steve is the only strip character (other than General "Shanty" Towne in the pilot), we give you the following panel (from "Steve Canyon" - Dell Four Color comic #1033 Sept. 1959) for your consideration:

Capt. Maggie GallagherComic art by Ray Bailey, story by Paul S. Newman. This was the first Steve Canyon TV tie-in comic, and ironically the last Steve Canyon comic book published.


Show #21
Production #9220
NBC First Run Thursday January 29, 1959
Photographed: Dec 19-22-23, 1958
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Teleplay by William Spier, story by William Spier and Sidney Carroll
Before leaving Taipei, Canyon buys a wooden monkey from an eager peddler. Back at
Big Thunder, Canyon finds that the carving has placed an Air Force nurse and himself in danger.
With: Elena Verdugo, Jerry Paris, Oliver Cliff, Jay Novello, Tony Travis,
Abel Fernandez, Jack Grinnage, Len Weinrib and Otis Spickles (unconfirmed).

“This film is dedicated to the Air Police of the United States Air Force”

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back in the hanger...

Just another in a series of Quick Notes to mention that we are all back home from the Fabulous Festival of Cartoon Art in Columbus, Ohio. I have pictures, stories and news, all to be revealed over the next few...well, you know, as soon as we can get to it. But it all will appear here, including some BIG news. So stick around, flaps down and check back often.

Just for fun, here's a cool advertising poster we have from 1958...