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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

News: Alter Ego #72 Hits The Stands!

Dick Rockwell On Being The 36 Year Ghost Of The Great Milton Caniff - In His Last Interview

"The Drawing Board Is My Sanctuary"

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Alter Ego #72 Cover
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We were contacted by Alter Ego Editor Roy Thomas a few months ago, to provide some scans of Steve Canyon strips...but these weren't the work of Milton Caniff, they were pencilled and inked by Dick Rockwell following Milton's untimely death. Norman Rockwell's nephew Dick worked for Milton from 1952 through 1988, and though a true unsung hero, he passed away in 2006. Harry and I have thought that Rockwell never got the recognition he deserved, and we were delighted to hear that Roy was publishing an interview that Jim Amash conducted with Dick in 2004.

Roy Thomas SDCC2007Roy Thomas at The TwoMorrows booth at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con

For those of you interested in the Caniff/Canyon world, this extensive 15 page interview is choc-a-block with reproductions of the work he did with Milton (including the very last Steve Canyon daily continuity strip)! For everyone else there are scans of his extensive comicbook work, including pages for Timely, DC, Marvel, Biro, Fawcett, Hillman, Quality and others...a lot of neat stuff. You can order the 100 page magazine from their site (for $9.00 plus postage), or you can pay $2.95 and download a PDF file of the issue. Either way, there's a lot of great stuff packed in there (and not just Dick).

John Ellis
Hollywood, CA

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Air Force Times/Steve Canyon Anniversary

Cartoonist kept loyal Air Force following with straight-laced adventures of fictional flyboy

Pages of history:

"Steve Canyon" kept a loyal Air Force following with the straight-laced adventures of a fictional flyboy. Check out historic strips, video and a special 60th birthday celebration

(Click on image for larger view.)Steve Canyon's 60th Anniversary Comic Strip
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The Air Force Times (in cooperation with The Milton Caniff Estate, Caniff Biographer Robert C. Harvey, and artist/writer Russ Maheras) have put up a splendid page on their website devoted to Steve Canyon's 60th Anniversary. A special newly created Steve Canyon full color comic-strip, created by Maheras, is being featured online as well as in the September 24th edition of their weekly newspaper.

Fans of our site and the Steve Canyon TV series will find streaming clips from four different episodes (three previously unreleased on our site) including an extended clip from the much requested OPERATION INTERCEPT. You will also find several scans of classic Steve Canyon strips, comments from Milton's nephew Harry Guyton, and R.C. Harvey, and MORE! Head on over there and check it out!

John Ellis
Hollywood, CA

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Biography: Milton Caniff and Norman Rockwell in Coronet

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Biography: Milton Caniff and Norman Rockwell in Coronet

We (The Milton Caniff Estate) recently loaned the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive copies of two issues of Coronet magazine from 1942 and 1947 to digitize. Read these fascinating articles about Milton Caniff's challenges in creating and drawing these scans of great artwork and more! Thanks to ASIFA-Hollywood and Steve Worth for sharing this content on their website.

(Click on the picture to see the article.)

Milton Caniff Terry and the Pirates Steve Canyon
Click to go to ASIFA and read more!

NOTE that the ASIFA website appears to be no more, but here is a link to an archived copy of the original post on, click HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Steve Canyon Special Edition DVD Full Details

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Cover Art
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FEATURES:The first OFFICIALLY AUTHORIZED US release of any episodes of this TERRIFIC SERIES since 1960!Transferred from the original 35mm film broadcast masters!4 full half hour episodes and more, featuring the famed comic strip hero created by Milton Caniff. (NOTE: these four episodes are included in The Complete Steve Canyon On TV DVDs, two are on Vol. 1 and the other two are on Vol. 2)Full Color Printing Inside And Out In An Industry Standard "Crystal Clear" Clamshell CaseFull Color Process Factory Glass-Mastered Disc136 minutes / Black & WhiteNTSC Full Screen (1:33:1) 24 Frame Progressive!Region 0 - Playable In All RegionsDigitally RemasteredDigitally Enhanced Stereo Sound4 full episodes originally broadcast in 1958 with Original Commercials and Network Promos
2007 Series Restoration Promo (19:17)
(features extended clips from 6 other episodes, including:
Operation Survival
The Trap
Korean Story
Operation UFO
The Robbery
Operation InterceptStills Gallery (1:00)
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