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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Volume 3 Pre-Christmas Update

Where the Volume 3 Official Release stands right now is that the final files will go into the factory before the end of the year and we will begin mailing out the pre-orders (with the bonus gift slipcases) as soon as we receive them back from the factory. I expect to have them all mailed by the second week in January. I had hoped to be able to use the "ship-aid" orders (that many of you were kind enough to donate) through Paypal to generate the USPS 1st Class shipping labels, but that won't work, Linda and I have to hand type EVERY order (or select and paste first name, last name, street address, city, zip code, and email address…and select state from a pulldown menu), ON THE DAY THEY ARE MAILED. and this will take some time (even with both of us doing it separately). Not to mention the international orders. Note there are hundreds of pre-orders…how MANY hundreds is proprietary information, sorry.

Yes, it's slipping over into January, no shipping will occur until AFTER the holiday rush is over: I want to make sure they arrive safely. I will be issuing several updates here this next week before the end of the year to advise everyone in a timely manner, and further updates as the packages go out. My health has improved tremendously and is no longer a factor in finishing here, and note that money is not a factor at this point either. In spite of the stitches in my right (primary) hand last month, I've been working straight through to finish the restoration on the original pilot and the finishing of the two documentaries and bonus "easter eggs" on this final volume this coming week. After 8 YEARS of work on this I am looking forward to the finish line.

Okay, so once the pre-orders are all shipped to those that ordered, then we will begin offering Vol 3 sales again (for those that missed out).

If you pre-ordered and want to make DOUBLY SURE that we have your correct shipping address, (especially if it has changed), send an email (with just your name and shipping address AND note if your email has changed) to: 

Note we will be checking these against our master order list, so only send if you pre-ordered and want to make sure. You will get an email response verifying we received it.


I do want to say a LOT of work has gone into the packaging art and design for the Canyon DVDs. Johann Mitchell is owed a great deal of thanks and respect for her work in turning out art that prints EXACTLY the way we intended. Note also that the 4x4 wraps (covers) are REVERSIBLE on all 4 DVDs (including the Special Edition) and V 1-3 are designed to look a "certain way" in the slipcase. Some "gentleman" on some custom CD/DVD cover forum a few years ago said that our covers sucked and that he was eventually going to get around to designing "proper covers and disc art" for them…I kept that from Johann until just recently (I didn't want her feelings hurt)…she laughed out loud when I told her! She has designed literally thousands of key art for printing, and a lot of love came from her hands into the Steve Canyon DVDs key art. Just wanted to share that. Thanks Johann!


Note that all Volume #3 Pre-ordering has been closed here and we are accepting NO MORE PRE-ORDERS for Vol. #3 until the official release at the end of this month. It will be available to order (minus the bonus slipcase gift) from this site (and additionally Amazon & other sites) once it has been officially released. Those that have already pre-ordered will receive their copies first along with the slipcase. Thanks for your patience and support.

Also, my sister Suzy is doing great and says hi and happy holidays to all of you!

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