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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

…to have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! Still pushing hard to complete V3, continuing last of the cleaning on the pilot and finishing the documentaries... now planned to have the final files (which we are working on through the holidays) transmitted to the factory (fingers crossed) on Monday January 5th, and then shipped asap (once DVDs are back from the factory) in early January to everyone that pre-ordered. We now have a way to ship them out a little faster to get them into everyone's hands quicker, thanks to Steve Canyon fan Patrick Wider who pointed us in the right direction. Thanks Patrick!

Be sure to read to the end of this post as it concerns shipping and details important to those who have pre-ordered Volume #3!

So glad to be feeling better and everything back on track. The last two years have been challenging in so many ways I don't wish to go into, but everything is fine and am looking forward to the Future.

I have worked straight through the holidays (including Thanksgiving, Christmas and now New Years) and haven't taken a single day for myself…you may get a bit of an idea why this has taken so long by checking the video below:

A little about the restoration/cleanup process
for the 34 regular Steve Canyon episodes
(plus original unaired pilot)


Between 37,000 and 40,000 individual film frames are in each episode, and nearly each frame has been carefully examined and many retouched by hand after undergoing a light digital non-destructive propriety process (developed by John Ellis). 

Each episode has taken between one to two months to restore by John Ellis, with the exception of the film in this demo (the original unaired pilot film) which has taken nearly a year due to the poor condition of the original print.

Most digital Noise Reduction actually blurs the image to remove the dirt and defects, resulting in a lack of sharpness associated with poor quality. Our technique doesn't do any blurring to preserve as much quality as possible of the original film.


Note again that Pre-Orders on Volume 3 are CLOSED until it is officially released, then those that missed out and want to order will once again be able to do so. Also note that further SHIP-AID donations are unnecessary and are also now CLOSED.

Please be SURE to be subscribed to our mailing list (link below) to keep up with our newest updates, and note that IF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HAS CHANGED RECENTLY you MUST RE-SUBSCRIBE.

(Subscribe with confidence...your information will only be used by us to send updates to you concerning Steve Canyon & Milton Caniff Estate Releasing).


Also be sure to let us know if your shipping address has changed by emailing us at: 

We've heard from a lot of you with address changes and just wanting to make sure we have the right address to ship V3 to you, and we have answered everyone so far. Doing my best to reply asap. ALSO WE WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM THOSE OF YOU THAT SENT IN MONEY ORDERS OR CHECKS TO ORDER VOLUME 3 (to make sure we have your correct shipping information). There aren't many that did, but it will help us to make sure.


I will continue posting updates EVERY FEW DAYS until the VERY LAST last pre-order is mailed out (around mid-January) and in your hands…I understand confidence is low with a few of you, and hopefully this will help. Thanks for all the nice cards and emails and overwhelming support- it is most appreciated!

See you here in a few days!

John Ellis

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