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Thursday, July 23, 2015


BIG Steve Canyon Volume #3 NEWS!


…but first...ANOTHER Steve Canyon film???

(click photo to enlarge)
This is NOT from an NBC Steve Canyon episode, but from a USAF Academy recruitment film from 1959. Our friend (and Vol. 2 commenter Peter Kuran discovered this and another photo of this film that was shot by Lookout Mountain Air Force Station, "Hollywood's Secret Film Studio" (which filmed all the US Atomic Tests). We have yet to find this rare film but hope it will turn up...someday. Be sure to visit Peter Kuran's for An Atomic Experience.

Steve Canyon Volume #3 is at the factory.

Yes, that's correct.


I just approved all the inside/outside covers & disc art proofs and the silver check discs (test pressed from the "stampers" (glass masters) from the factory) and it will be here in 1 to 2 weeks…everything approved/passed on both ends.

Unfortunately I had to exclude the two as yet unfinished documentaries from Volume 3 for a number of reasons…they aren't dead, I just plan and hope to be able to finish and release them (in some manner) in the near future when my health improves…doing it this way removes the pressure and is helping already. The documentaries will also be something to look forward to (for those who care about them).

(click photo to enlarge)
These are the master "layer" discs I created that carried all the DVD files for V3 to the factory last week.  I have created many dozens of these over time, these are the last 4, the only ones not to end up in the dustbin.

My health has been on the decline since I started this project in 2006. I was never supposed to have to handle EVERY aspect of the restoration. But that decision was changed for me (NOT my decision) early on, and I'm afraid I wasn't smart enough to just walk away from such a "deal-breaker". So I got put in harm's way and have had a number done on my life and career. The stress has been crushing much of the time…it hasn't been much fun for years, which was not what we planned.

It has been a struggle to keep moving forward and stay afloat: 2013 and 2014 we barely survived, with little money, no city electricity for 18 months (!) and no car for most of 2014. The whole time, to the best of my ability, I kept working on the restoration of the last of the films, and finally finished (stopped actually) on the last of the cleanup about 3 weeks ago. By the end my eyes were so bad from staring at screens that I found myself many times trying to remove dirt on the films that wasn't actually there! We used a succession of gasoline generators (we wore out two of them) over that 18 months, and didn't realize we were being poisoned by carbon monoxide. My ability to think and focus has improved in these last 8 months, but neuropathic pain has increased…and there's other horrors.

But enough about that.

So when I finished cleaning the last frames of the original pilot (several weeks ago), I had a scare, a bad one, and realized it would be best to release Volume 3 without the documentaries (even though it pains me to do so). Keeping my word is important to me, but  had to make this decision. I immediately knew it was the right path. Live to fight another day. Hopefully.

So there are still a LOT of extras on the discs…several easter eggs, an unproduced script, and commentaries on every episode. It'll have to be enough.

I want everyone to know it may take me as much as a month to get all 800+ of them (and the slipcases) in the mail to those that pre-ordered, as the automation I planned to use isn't working so far, meaning I type one paid mailing label at a time…but it's happening and they'll get there.

(click photo to enlarge)
Note the laser etched legend that is on each factory-manufactured disc (this is from the V3-Disc #1 check disc)…if you bought your Volume 1 and 2 discs from anyone other than us here (or on Amazon or ebay), take a look with a magnifying glass and see if it has the appropriate etching…if it's blank, drop me a line and let me know where you got it…this will help us fight piracy and stop any bad guys.

I'm exhausted here, so I'm going to stop typing now, and will issue another update just as soon as I hear from the factory when they expect to be done manufacturing, sometime in the next week or so. I'll also let everyone know asap where/when they'll be able to place orders for V3 again (I disabled ordering pre-orders here months ago). More details next time, thats 'll the energy I've got now.

Thought I'd let you know how much I've appreciated everyone's friendship and support!

Thanks, and again, sorry this has taken so long. 

This way is the right way.

John Ellis

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