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Saturday, December 14, 2013


First of all, although we are close to shipping, we have not done so by today's date as promised, and I apologize for this and take full responsibility for missing yet another promised deadline. First and foremost, VOLUME #3 and the slipcases WILL SHIP THIS MONTH.

I know it's been frustrating for many of it has also been for me, and I'm sorry for that...I chose to do this project not because I thought it would be easy, but because I knew it would be FUN and exciting for so many of us that thought we'd never see it again. And there really has been no way to tell just how long it would take to finish the materials for Volume 3 in a reasonable manner. It's a curse of being a "one-man band".

So yes, there are physical reasons for this (hopefully final) delay: The factory that manufactures our DVDs was recently sold to a different company, and while we had been reassured that it would not affect our business, the departure of the Account Exec (we've dealt with for 5 years for the factory) just a few weeks ago has changed things...not drastically, but we are working to resolve a few issues. I expect to know more this coming week. This is ONLY causing a SLIGHT delay, so please stick with us and know that I really CAN'T WAIT to put Volume #3 in YOUR hands and hear your FEEDBACK. I am very excited with how the DVDs have turned out and hope you all know that.

Candid shot of Dean Fredericks (left), Ross Martin and Jerry Paris in Steve Canyon Episode #27, "ROOM 313",
 on The Complete Steve Canyon On TV Volume 3.

Since I last reported, my sister has had a total of 7 brain surgeries, and is now finally at home BUT not out of the woods yet, and we are still hoping and praying for the best. Those of you that are friends of mine on Facebook have seen my regular reports on her progress. I appreciate all the kind words we received from you and I have passed them on to Suzy who sends her thanks and holiday greetings. As most of you probably understand, this has taken a certain toll on me personally, which affects other aspects of my life (including V3).


Please hang tight and stick with us is the 11th hour, and though it's been a long haul, I promise it is nearly done. Keep on reading and at the bottom of this post is where you can hear how you can help with Volume 3 and get something nifty in the process.

Credits Roll For Volume #3
Near the beginning of the minute and a half credit roll for each disc that acknowledges all of the people that have helped this project along the way.
Further down the "crawl"...over 260 names appear in this acknowledgement of and appreciation for the help we've received. One of the reasons it has taken the time it has to finish everything properly is this effort to include everyone and not leave anyone out. These names will also appear in the listings on the Internet Movie Data Base for the documentaries, and note that some of the names listed are also listed elsewhere on the DVDs for specific tasks performed.



As you know we have had free shipping worldwide here on our site since we started issuing the Steve Canyon DVDs in 2007. Since then the domestic and worldwide shipping costs have at least DOUBLED domestically and nearly TRIPLED for overseas addresses. This has hit us hard lately and in an effort to help us ship out Volume #3 we are asking for those that are willing and able to send some cash to help with the shipping of V3.

This is set up so you can write in any amount you wish to donate. Note that it is now OVER $12 for the cheapest USPS shipping of a 7 ounce package to most overseas locations. Canada is over $8 now and the US is about $3.00.

Those that contribute any amount will get a free digital pdf download of the screenplay for the Steve Canyon episode OPERATION INTERCEPT:

This is a scan of Author/Producer David Haft's personal copy with handwritten notes and changes. I will send this out via email following the release of Volume 3 later this month. Maybe sooner.

Click on the button below to help us out with the shipping...and thanks everybody! We really can use your help with this.

(click this button to help)


Stay tuned for the next update and and I thank you for all your support and patience!

John Ellis
Pacoima, CA

Note that Volume 1, Volume 2 and The Special Edition are available from us on, ebay and our store here.  I package and send each order personally and hope you will note our 100% positive feedback on Amazon and ebay. You can also help by clicking the "like" buttons on our 3 amazon listings and by writing a little review if you have time...which we appreciate very much!

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