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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Volume 3: Wheels Down And Locked!

Okay, here's the scoop: Volume 3 is coming for Christmas 2013. Out of the factory and packaged and mailing by Saturday December 14th. With the bonus slipcase included. Count on it. That's it. I need to move on, we all need to move on.

We've had delays, some very recent, some "acts of God", some not. All of them maddening to many of us. Especially to me. Most of the reasons I'll talk about here (but down the, runway).

In any event, V3 is as adequate as I can make it...certainly not perfect by a long shot, but adequate is ok. Done is good. And it is as accurate as it is possible at this time...of the tons of material that isn't included, much will be posted here on this site, and (hopefully) in a followup book...if the universe is willing.

My apologies for taking so wasn't the plan, but it is what it is. With the exception of a few of you (less than I can count on the fingers of both hands), the vast majority of you have been kind and supportive, and I appreciate it. Thank you to all of you who have been waiting patiently, you've helped me make it through these long days, and I hope my efforts will have been worth it for you.

Ok, enough of here are some previously unpublished (I believe) pictures of ol' Steve and friends, hope you enjoy them!

Behind the scenes: Episode 31, "The Trap", left to right, Dean Fredericks, Jerry Paris (hanging upside down), Bert Freed, and Director Walter Grauman. That's an inverted F-104 studio mockup!
Behind the scenes: Episode 25, "Iron Curtain", Barbara Beaird reprises her her Christmas episode character in a story set in Vienna, Austria...concerning cold-war terrorism!
Behind the scenes: Episode 11, "Operation Diplomat", Dean Fredericks get's makeup retouched by Mr. Freeman outside of the makeup trailer while one of the heavies looks on.
Production still photo from Episode 34, "Sabotage", left to right, Frank Maxwell, Weaver Levy and James Drury during a tense moment!
Production still photo from Episode 28, "Operation Intercept", Steve's secretary Ingrid Goude teases Jerry Paris offering a date she knows he can't keep!

Please note that although I intended to post this update earlier in the day today, we have been having internet and phone issues all this week...and my surviving sister Suzy went in the hospital last night for emergency brain surgery...(she fell and hit her head badly, had initial surgery on October 2nd but relapsed last night).  The surgeon today said she must have a lot of friends as she's doing better than he could I am extending this to my friends here and appreciate any and all kind thoughts and prayers, they do help. It also helps that she is such a kind and happy person...


Stay tuned for the next update and and I thank you for your support and patience!

John Ellis
Pacoima, CA

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