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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

While I'm still finishing the last few bits and pieces of Steve Canyon Volume 3, here's some words and images in observance of this year's Memorial Day:

Robert Francis Hoy, United States Marine Corps during WWII. Photo courtesy of Ginny Shook and and

Bobby Hoy was a great guy, and thanks to his friend Ginny Shook, I had the great pleasure to get to know him the year before he passed away in 2010, and got the opportunity to share him and his great audio commentaries on 5 episodes of Steve Canyon on DVD Volume 2.
Joyce Taylor played Bob Hoy's wife "Betty Berger" in the 20th aired episode of Steve Canyon on NBC,  February 5th 1959
 Bob played Sergeant Pete Berger in three episodes of Steve didn't take much convincing to get him to hang around and contribute comments on two other episodes he wasn't in, but his longtime buddy Abel Fernandez was. In fact Abel welcomed it, understand, as they were like a lifelong comedy team...just listen to them together and you'll see what I mean, Abel the straight man and Bobby zinging. It was a treat to listen to both of them.

Series regulars Abel Fernandez, Jerry Paris and Bob Hoy in a humorous moment in the Steve canyon episode "The Search", the 17th episode aired on NBC, January 15, 1959
These guys were both actors as well as stuntmen...and for many years. Gene Reynolds (casting director on Steve canyon, and later co-creator of TV's M.A.S.H.) told Bobby "You don't need to do a screen test, you're IN...anybody tells you anything different...INCLUDING executive producer Mike Meshekoff...throw the script in their face and tell 'em to talk to ME!" I sure miss Bobby...

Photo of Abel Fernandez taken in the 1970's by Bob Hoy!
Abel Fernandez also served in WWII in the US Army Airborne, as a paratrooper. Both he and Bobby had to learn Japanese too...I know this as they started talking in Japanese at one point (and I think they were making fun of me!).
Polaroid of Abel Fernandez and Bob Hoy that I snapped here in my studio in 2009 (during one of the recording sessions for their commentary tracks for Steve Canyon On TV Volume 2).
Some of you may have noticed that each disc on each volume of Steve Canyon On DVD has an "In Memorium" page...our upcoming Volume 3 Disc 1 is in memory of Robert Francis Hoy 1927 - 2010... 

Abel and Josephine Fernandez circa the 1990's

...and Volume 2 Disc 2 is in memory of Josephine Miller Fernandez 1928 - 2009...

Abel still loves skydiving and even got Josie involved in the 90's (can you believe it?). She was a real trooper who sang like an angel and was as sweet as can be...and she is missed.
Abel Fernandez steps out!

Abel and I attended Walter Grauman's 90th Birthday event at UCLA last year, they showed two films that Wally directed. the original unaired pilot to THE FUGITIVE...and one of his UNTOUCHABLES episodes, "Noise Of Death", which featured Jerry Paris and Abel Fernandez, both of whom had been in episodes of Steve Canyon that he had directed a year earlier!

Abel Fernandez and Walter Grauman reunite at Walter's 90th Birthday event at UCLA, March 23, 2012.
Photo courtesy of Chris Soldo.
It was great getting to listen to their comments and to see them together again after so many years. Walter directed some of the very best Steve Canyon episodes and the series was lucky to have him on board for those seven shows. Only Don Taylor and Lamont Johnson directed more episodes (ten apiece)...and they all contributed to making it the outstanding series that it is!


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John Ellis
Pacoima, CA

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