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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Col. Canyon Is Alive And Well!

Undoubtedly Captain Dennis (below) has that "thousand yard stare"
that comes from waiting so long for V3...
Wynn Pearce as USAF Capt. Dennis Parker in the midst of a Korean War Flashback while in the air in his F-104 Starfighter in the Steve canyon episode KOREAN STORY.
Contrary to the beliefs of a few naysayers, doubting Thomases and prophets of doom, The Complete Steve Canyon On TV Volume 3 is alive and well and ALMOST "ready for primetime". 

I really appreciate that most of you have been so eager and interested and passionate, and your communiques have been polite and supportive...that really helps speed the process. I already feel a bit like "the boy who cried wolf" here and am well aware that promised deadlines have flown by.  I resisted the pressure to offer Volume 3 pre-orders for quite a while and finally succumbed to said pressure with much trepidation (even though many fans promised to be patient...and most have done just that). It was probably an error in judgement to even set ANY deadlines on such a comprehensive creative project.

Finishing Volume 3 has been my primary focus for the last six years! I work on it constantly, every day, though sometimes I have to address other matters. Corrections, changes and additions to some of the materials have slowed things down as well. On the other hand recent improvements to my health have sped things up considerably too. I want you all to understand that I also NEED TO BE DONE with it and have it released as soon as possible, so you can bet it will be out the moment it is completely finished...and am shooting for it to be done THIS MONTH.

I will say I am VERY EXCITED with the progress and final work on everything and I know you all will be too. It's really terrific and I am proud of the unique content and the quality of the work on it. Just as soon as I turn it over to the factory I will post an update here AND will send out an email IMMEDIATELY to everyone who has purchased from us that is on our NEW mailing list (via MailChimp) can subscribe using the form below.

Sorry the progress of volume 3 has seemed so slow. but it will be out soon and there has never been any doubt (on my end) of that...I would hope that 6 years dedication to this project would be a testament to that fact.

Please understand that for the quality and amount of detailed work it is just taking more time than I ever anticipated.  This is a unique project which I am glad to do by myself, however I am wearing lots of hats.  I have never stopped working to provide the best product possible.  I am sure that many of you have done a creative project, or any project, and had the experience of it taking longer than anticipated.

Don't forget, I have not been hired nor paid by anyone to do this.  This is a labor of love that we have supported with our own money.  There has never been ANY doubt in my mind that it WILL be completed.

I am not the kind of person that does anything half-assed or unfinished.  Those that know me personally will tell you that I have always been fully dedicated to what I do and have no choice but to complete what I do to the best of my abilities.

Stay tuned for the next update (very soon!) and and I thank you for your support and patience!

John Ellis
Pacoima, CA

PS - Note that Volume 1 is back in stock and available once again (along with Volume 2 and The Special Edition) from us on, ebay and our store here.  I package and send each order personally and hope you will note our 100% positive feedback on Amazon and ebay. You can also help by clicking the "like" buttons on our 3 amazon listings and by writing a little review if you have time...which we appreciate very much!

1 comment:

Rodney said...

Great news, and thank you so much for taking on this project.

I have moved since orginally pre-ordering Volume 3. Will you be verifying shipping address prior to sending them out?