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Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Latest V3 Update!

First, everything is fine, the slipcases are here and ready to go out with the Volume 3 DVDs (when the DVDs are ready...and they will be ready VERY soon). This is what's going on:

Just so everyone understands, the slipcases are a GIFT from me to everyone who has kindly pre-ordered V3 and have been waiting patiently. They cost over $2000.00 to have made. They are being shipped with V3 because to send them separately it would cost at least another $1200.00 MINIMUM! The only way to get the slipcase is with the V3 pre-order. On the date I release V3, the only way to get it will be to order the box set. I sent out a handful of the slipcases "for review", and I am both relieved and appreciative of all the wonderful responses.

Also note that I am being forced to raise the prices of all volumes on that day, because the shipping costs have gone up a number of times since we started and we can no longer absorb those costs.

Dean Fredericks as Col. Steve Canyon on left, Jerry Paris as Major "Willie" Williston (hangin upside down in the inverted cockpit of an F-104), Bert Freed as Captain Dunn (face hidden) and director Walter Grauman on right, during on-set rehearsal for the 31st Steve Canyon episode, "THE TRAP", photographed during the week of February 18, 1959.

Please understand that the reason we started offering V3 as a pre-order was because we were pressured by many fans to do was against my better judgement, but I thought "how long could it take?".

Skip ahead to late last year, again due to pressure to release it "in time for Christmas" and again flying in the face of my better judgement, I committed to a December release date. It wasn't quite done to my satisfaction (i.e. the bonus materials) but I was exhausted from the long push to satisfy everyone and said "done is good" and thought that would be it.

We've been lucky with many aspects of the overall project, but we must have a guardian angel, as when the quality control issue came up, it actually saved V3 from total ruin. I hadn't had time to carefully check every aspect of the discs and packaging, but when I started going over them, it turned out there were more flaws than I could believe! Had it been manufactured that way we wouldn't have had the funds to redo the whole thing and that would have been disastrous!

Barbara Beaird returns as Lisa Karolyi in the 25th filmed episode of Steve Canyon, "IRON CURTAIN". This dark cold war story is part of the later episodes trend to be more like Milton Caniff's wildly popular Steve Canyon newspaper comic strip. View new promo video clip below!

I have finished the work on Disc #1 but am still working on Disc #2, which is close to being finished. I have spent every waking hour I could over the last three months going over every aspect of the discs and artwork, and making necessary technical corrections and updating a quite few things that I found that I just could not live with. I would have probably been done by now except that another hard drive died three weeks ago (even though it was only 6 months old!) took a week to get a replacement from Western Digital (thankfully under warranty) and nearly another week to get the software re-installed and the computer up and running properly again. There are additional technical aspects to this but that's for another discussion. The truth is we have had a number of challenges, computer issues and other. A number of people have reneged on promises to be interviewed for V3...I've held out hope even as late as last week for several of them (to be inserted into the documentaries) but they either cancelled at the last minute or did not respond. The interviews we have are great, but not all the ones I had originally hoped for will be included, and I doubt anyone will notice or care but me.

ENJOY this NEW CLIP from the 1st episode on Disc #1 of Volume 3, "IRON CURTAIN"!

I realize this is taking longer than anyone would like (especially me), but completing it PROPERLY has been my primary intention. I get really tired of having the promises I make get broken because of circumstance, but I know the product will be correct when it is finally ready. I understand that some of you are used to dealing with people that are quitters, that don't follow through, or keep their promises, or are just plain crooked. I get that. But that's not me. I started this project over 6 years ago and the only reason it's not a done deal quite yet is because of the STAGGERING amount of detailed work involved...especially for essentially ONE person! The necessity to make ALL the right decisions can be overwhelming for one person alone, especially when that one is as dedicated and passionate about the project as I am. I care so much about giving you what I know you deserve that I tend to put tremendous pressure on myself. The hours and the days just seem to sail by as I am immersed in providing the product I intended. I just have to be able to live with the finished product, period. I am NOT a perfectionist, but I have a responsibility to honor the people that poured their hearts into this series... and also to you, to deliver a worthwhile and proper product that you can enjoy.

Dean Fredericks as Col. Steve Canyon on left, Ross Martin as visiting dignitary Aly Brahma (middle) and Jerry Paris as Major "Willie" Williston on right, during an uncharacteristic quiet moment in the otherwise tension filled 27th filmed episode of Steve Canyon, "ROOM 313", directed by Lamont Johnson.

Updates have been sparse, I know...I detest having to explain, because to me it just sounds like all the other noise and excuses and whining and rubbish we hear in the news every day. Also, I am torn between taking time to provide updates, or work on completing the project. I also am going to resist predicting an actual date...I have been holding out to be able to just say "we made it"...but again we are very very close at this point and I can't wait to make the announcement. THERE WILL BE BOTH A MAJOR POST HERE AS WELL AS A CUSTOM EMAIL ONCE VOLUME 3 IS READY, COUNT ON THAT!

So if you're upset because you really want Volume 3 in your hands, please know it will happen very soon, and it will be great, and please allow me to use my time to give you what you want, what you deserve, what I promised, and which has always been a definite. I am always doing the best I can, and my partner says that my best is always excellent.

Ron Ely as Airman Pete Randall on left,Dean Fredericks (middle) as Col. Steve Canyon, and Claude Akins as Sergeant Brecker on right, between punches in the 32nd filmed episode of Steve Canyon, "THE SERGEANT". The episode was directed by Walter Grauman, and the fights choreographed by Abel Fernandez who plays Airman Featherstone in the series.

Also, thank you, all of you who have written to me and said for me to not worry, because you realize that if it weren't for me, you would never have seen this show again. I love the way I feel when I watch Steve Canyon, and I love being able to share that with those like you who appreciate this show as I do.


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I know what you mean about making it right. The last book I designed, "Gus Greenbear and the Chinese Fortune Cookie Caper" had color issues with the cover and as I was merging 2D vector art with photos and Photoshop art, trying to make it all work involved 5 proofs at about 1 full workday with even the tiniest revision. The Chinese roof at the top of the cover took 12 hours to "build".