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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Updates from the Runup Pad...

Volume 3 News and More:

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

As many of you already know The Complete Steve Canyon on TV Volume 3 is going to be late. I am very sorry to say that it will be delayed until at least late May and possibly into June. The reasons for this are many and varied.

Due to a number of factors...not the least of which is the fact that we recently lost some of the critical computer files we have been working on for this volume for MONTHS. Before you advise "backup everything" we also lost our backup drive in the same accident. I have been scrambling to get caught back up but there is just too much (and too little money) to make this deadline.

Pre-orders for Vol 3 have been a tiny fraction of what they were for the other two volumes...and we realize it is mainly the result of our current poor economy...but the upshot is that we are trying to make each dollar count for far more result than is reasonable. We WILL make it and get Vol 3 out...just not quite as soon as we had hoped for.

I want to stress that the quality of the release is what is most important to us and we will not rush just to meet an arbitrary deadline. We are a very VERY small operation and I pretty much do everything here, and am going as fast as I possibly can to prepare all of the materials we are all looking forward to seeing to wrap up the series on DVD.

Exciting New Stuff:

On the upside we have uncovered even more phenomenal information, photos and individuals during this period which continues to enrich the documentaries for Volume 3. One such individual (whom we have recorded a preliminary interview with) is Lt. Col. Russ Rickard, USAF (Ret.) who while stationed at George AFB in the late 1950's flew the F-102 for the Steve Canyon TV series. We're glad to welcome Colonel Rickard (and his son David who put us in touch with his father.

Lt. Col. Russ Rickard in front of his F-102 (as a self professed "young Lieutenant") while with the 94th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at California's George AFB. The Colonel told us about flying the plane for the Steve Canyon title sequence (and how it was filmed)...along with other sequences and pilots, as well as flying for the classic Disney feature "The Absent Minded Professor" and other interesting tidbits. Photo courtesy David Rickard.

I suggest (if you haven't already) that you subscribe to this (our official website) using the form you find over on the right hand sidebar, so you can keep up with what is going on. We also have a
Steve Canyon page on FaceBook that we post to regularly with updates that are too small for our regular website.

Thanks to everyone we have heard from for your kindness and words of encouragement and I hope that you and those that have pre-ordered Volume 3 can be patient just a bit longer. Many of you that have written are EXACTLY who I thought of when I decided to tackle this most daunting project 4 years ago...and I am looking forward to your comments on the completion of this quest.

Again I apologize for our delay.


A snap from the Valley Con modelmaking convention from March 7th, 2010. From left, Abel Fernandez (Steve Canyon's "Sgt. Featherstone"), John Ellis (that's me), Jim Busby (Aerospace Legacy Foundation) and Russ Maharas (of the USAF Hollywood Liason Office). A great time was had by all! Abel especially enjoyed signing autographs and meeting and talking with a lot of fans at that show.

Tomorrow (Sunday March 21st) I will be at the Kit Collectors Exposition and Sale in Buena Park, CA to meet and greet and answer questions and will be showing clips from upcoming Volume 3. Click here and here for more info.

Joining me will be Aviation Film Historian James H. Farmer (who has provided commentary on numerous Steve Canyon Episodes on our DVD sets). 9am to 3pm, $5 admission (children under 12 with accompanying adult FREE). I'll be sporting my black Steve Canyon cap! Hope to see you there!

More info coming up...and I swear we'll get to the piece on Dean Hess...and sorry it just keeps getting pushed back. Stay tuned...


Chris K. said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems. But, worth the wait with the extra material. It took 50 years to get on dvd, so a couple more months is no big deal. Thanks and keep flying!

Grady said...

If volume three is as good as the first two, then it is worth it..Great job!