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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flaps Up! Pre-Order Volume 3!

Today is yet another anniversary! Exactly 51 years ago today, on Saturday November 29th, 1958, the Steve Canyon episode OPERATION MUSHROOM premiered on NBC. Told in documentary fashion, the curious public got a detailed and early look into just what went into an atomic test. Never mind that Steve Canyon didn't REALLY drop that bomb...but this episode was so popular it aired twice on NBC and once again on ABC (in 1960)!

Preliminary rough front cover design for Volume 3 by Johann Mitchell

Moving on, the episode that everyone is anxious to see again is OPERATION INTERCEPT, which Time Magazine called "a neat exercise in airborne shock"...

Above is a frame from the 28th Steve Canyon episode "Operation Intercept" here's an extended clip from the episode:

So now that we have your attention, and we know that you really really really want to see "Operation Intercept" in its entirety...

On this auspicious occasion we are announcing that THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV Volume 3 DVD is slated for a end of Fall 2013 release and that we are now making available advance Pre-Order sales of this 2 disc DVD through the PayPal "Add to Cart" button below. Continuing from the first 24 episodes presented in Volumes 1 and 2, this final DVD set will include the following final episodes of the series:

Episode 25) Iron Curtain
Episode 26) Blackmail
Episode 27) Room 313
Episode 28) Operation Intercept
Episode 29) The Bomb
Episode 30) The Muller Story
Episode 31) The Trap
Episode 32) The Sergeant
Episode 33) The Korean Story
Episode 34) Sabotage

There will also be extras on the discs (similar to what was included on Volume One and Two) such as episode commentary tracks...we are still finalizing the artwork and contents at this time. Further details are TO BE ANNOUNCED here in the pages of our blog and we recommend subscribing to Steve Canyon On DVD by using the form on the right hand sidebar on this page (it's free!). We have been getting a lot of mail about Volume Three and we don't want to delay any longer to make advance orders available even though the DVDs won't be available until approximately June. (Note that the official release date WAS November 14, 2011, then was moved to Christmas, 2012, and is now planned to be finally able to released by the end of December 2014).

One key extra will be the ORIGINAL PILOT VERSION of the very first episode OPERATION TOWLINE, which has additional scenes, footage and different head and tail title sequences than what was in the broadcast version that was in Volume 1.

I will say that there will definitely be audio commentary tracks for every episode (like we did in Volume 2). Commentators this time will include Abel Fernandez, James H. Farmer, Brad Ulvila and more. We will also be including some DVD-Rom content, including the screenplay for the unproduced episode PROJECT B-58!

There's cool aircraft again (as you would expect in Steve Canyon) such as F-86 Sabre, F-100 Super Sabre, F-102 and TF-102A Delta Dagger, B-47 Stratojet, KB-50 Supertanker, B-52 Stratofortress, F-104 Starfighter and others (including the Soviet MiG-15)! Some of these later episodes were trying to focus more on drama than hardware but having said that, there's still some great aircraft footage in this volume!

There are bunches of well known performers in these shows, such as Abel Fernandez, Jerry Paris, Ted De Corsia, Ingrid Goude, Robert Sampson, James Drury, Werner Klemperer, Celia Lovsky, Barbara Beaird, Ross Martin, Dara Massey, Amanda Blake, Roy Thinnes, Jack Grinnage, Nelson Leigh, John Anderson, Dabbs Greer, Virginia Christine, George MacReady, James Griffith, Bert Freed, Claude Akins, Ron Ely, Hal Smith, Robert Sampson, Frank Maxwell, James Hong, Weaver Levy...and more!

Directors are Walter Grauman, Lamont Johnson, Arthur Marks and Ted Post. Writers are John Hawkins, William Spier, David Haft, Tony Barrett, Joseph Landon, Shelly Colbert and Milton Caniff.
We don't have an EXACT release date yet, so we are just going to say the our TARGET release date is ROUGHLY spring 2010. (Note that the official release date is by end of Fall 2013!) There is still a LOT of work to do on additional extras for this volume...more details will be announced here soon. The advance pre-sales will help provide much needed funds to actually complete the work on this volume...and we thank each and every one of you for your unflagging support.

For more detailed information about what EXACTLY is going to be included in The Complete Steve Canyon On TV Volume 3, keep tuning in here in the weeks to come.

Note that even though domestic and overseas shipping rates have gone up this year, we are going to keep the $19.95 (postage-paid) price for the time being.

ALSO NOTE that only those that Pre-Order Volume 3 will get the special three volume slipcase (mailed in the same package) for free (as our gift to those who have supported us by pre-ordering)...once we release Volume 3 the ONLY way to get this attractive printed slipcase (which will hold all 3 volumes of Steve Canyon) will be by purchasing the full series box set.

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ALSO NOTE that only those that Pre-Order Volume 3 will get the special three volume slipcase (mailed in the same package) for free (as our gift to those who have supported us by pre-ordering)...once we release Volume 3 the ONLY way to get this attractive printed slipcase (which will hold all 3 volumes of Steve Canyon) will be by purchasing the full series box set.

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Anonymous said...

This looks really fantastic. In "Operation: Intercept", Steve Canyon intercepts a Boeing B-47B Stratojet bomber. This is the same type that was used in Jimmy Stewart's motion picture "Strategic Air Command", and might even be the same one.
It was made to be used in film and It can be seen today at the March Air Force Base Museum in Riverside, CA.
J.M. Busby
Aerospace Legacy Foundation

Anonymous said...
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