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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Upcoming: San Diego Comic-Con 2008

COMIC-CON ATTENDEES PLEASE NOTE that at the present time it is unlikely that Bob Hoy, Mrs. Frank Ball or even Harry Guyton will be be attending Comic-Con or appearing on our panel this year (due to a myriad of issues), so read the following post with that in mind and with our apologies...

There WILL still be a panel (I will be there) and we WILL still be screening OPERATION BIG THUNDER. 

John Ellis


Sorry for the last minute-itis here, but things are hoppin' and we're going at it hammer and tong...

Indeed, yes, we will be at The San Diego Comic-Con next week, and will be hosting another panel and special screening, this time celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Steve Canyon TV series on NBC.

The panel will feature:

Harry Guyton, Executive Producer of the Steve Canyon Restoration (and Milton Caniff's favorite nephew);

Sketch of Harry Guyton (from 1974) by Harry's favorite uncle Milton Caniff.

Mrs. Frank Ball, daughter of the late Dean Fredericks (who played Steve Canyon in our series) AND widow of the USAF technical advisor for the series. Note that Mrs. Ball will appear schedule permitting;

Photo taken in December 1962 of Dean Fredericks and his daughter sitting in the custom racing car he designed and built. Photo courtesy Mrs. Frank Ball.

Bob Hoy, who was series regular Sgt. Pete Berger on the show, and also a famed Hollywood actor and stuntman. Note that Mr. Hoy will appear schedule permitting;

Image from the Steve Canyon episode THE FIGHT featuring Bob Hoy as Sgt. Pete Berger and Joyce Taylor as his wife Betty.

And finally yours truly John Ellis, Producer and "chief cook and bottle-washer" on the restoration will moderate the panel.

We will be screening the Steve Canyon episode "Operation Big Thunder" not seen in the US since it's last airing April 14, 1960 on ABC (summer reruns). This episode was directly based on a story arc that Milton Caniff wrote and drew in the Steve Canyon newspaper strip in 1956. This episode introduced both a new format to the series and also a handful of regular supporting players which included Bob Hoy and Jerry Paris.

Panel from the 1956 Steve Canyon newspaper comic strip "The Girl From Little Dogie" upon which the TV series episode "Operation Big Thunder" was based.
Bob Hoy in the STEVE CANYON episode "Operation Big Thunder" which we will be screening next Sunday afternoon!

So if you will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con next Sunday (July 27th), stop on by, get some questions answered and learn about our current plans for the DVD release. I will also be found from time to time during the weekend ONLY at The National Cartoonist's Society (Booth #1307). We may also be in the autograph area at the con Sunday morning but this is unconfirmed at this time.

Star Dean Fredericks, USAF Technical Advisor Lt. Col. Frank P. Ball, and series regular Jerry Paris on location for the episode "Operation Nose Wheel".

From the official Comic-Con International program schedule:

Sunday July 27th 2008 from 3:00pm-4:30pm Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon TV Series 50th Anniversary — Harry Guyton (Milton Caniff Estate), Bob Hoy (Sgt. Pete Berger on Steve Canyon), Mrs. Frank Ball (star Dean Frederick's daughter), and John Ellis (Steve Canyon DVD producer) present a discussion of what is quite possibly the most legendary long-lost (and now found) television series in history! Come delve into the mysteries surrounding the most expensive show on TV in 1958. Includes the first public screening of the restored 1959 NBC Steve Canyon episode “Operation Big Thunder” in 48 years. Room 3

See Ya there!

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Robert Smith said...

Comedy is an evergreen entertainment, it never fades or dies. San Diego Comic-Con is the kind of event which makes people happier. I think, all the comic lovers are always excited and look up to attend the San Diego Comic-Con every year.