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Sunday, March 16, 2008

News Of The Canyon

Here are some things you might find of interest:

Air Classics April 2008The current issue of AIR CLASSICS MAGAZINE (Vol.44, No.4 April 2008) not only features Big Steve on the cover but also on a whopping 10 interior pages featuring 22 images (2 in full color) and a lengthy and MOST EXCELLENT article by James H. Farmer, author of AMERICA'S PIONEER ACES (2003), CELLULOID WINGS (1984) and several other GREAT aviation related books. Note that American Movie Classics host Bob Dorian has called Jim "The definitive aviation film historian" and his take on the Steve Canyon TV series is not to be missed. You can find this issue at well-stocked newstands and bookstores such as Barnes & Noble until May 31st, 2008. To subscribe to this fine magazine you can visit Challenge Publications online. Thanks to author James Farmer and Air Classics Editor Michael O'Leary for doing such an amazing job putting this homage to Col. Canyon together!

Dean Fredericks

Dean FredericksDean Fredericks at home practicing his lines with a tape recorder on June 10th 1958. Photo by NBC staff photographer Herb Ball.

On February 19th we finally made contact with Dean Fredericks' family after two years of hopeful concerted effort. They are very excited about our restoration of the Steve Canyon series and are providing photos and other memorabilia for us to utilize as documentary materials for the full-series DVD later this year. Our dream of an in-depth documentary on "mystery man" Dean Fredericks is coming to fruition and he will finally get some of the attention he is due. Stay tuned!

Air Classics April 2008Dean and wife Myda going over lines for STEVE CANYON in their Lancaster California home. Photo by NBC staff photographer Herb Ball.

Were YOU there?

Air Classics April 2008If you were there when Steve Canyon aired originally in 1958/1959 on NBC, or when Steve Canyon Returned on ABC in 1960...AND you have a story to tell, one that YOU think might be of sufficient interest to include on a documentary on our Full-Series DVD later this year, email us at and tell us about it. It would help a lot if you have a related picture from either that time or later in life.

We've heard from a number of you that were inspired to become pilots and aerospace engineers and the like, and we want to hear more. We've also heard a few stories about how exciting it was when the shows were on TV, and the helmet and other toys were coming out, and reading the Milton's strips in the papers.

If we use your picture or story or both you will be put on the list to receive a copy of the full box set for free when it is released later this year. If we don't use what you send in we'll still send you something anyway for your trouble...not a DVD box set, but still something swell! We'll contact those whose material we intend to use and send a "release form" to sign and return, allowing us to use it for the DVD. PLEASE NOTE that there will be a provision for those that would like to share their stories yet remain anonymous, and we will guarantee your anonymity (if so desired)...and all entries/communications will be considered private and confidential until YOU give us permission to use it on the DVD.

...and if you are the kid in this photo, we want to hear from you too!

Last Up...

Tomorrow is the big day...March 18 is the release date for the wide retail distribution of the Steve Canyon Special Edition DVD. So those of you who ordered it through, or NetFlix or any number of other outlets, should start seeing them on Tuesday.

We appreciate everyone who has written reviews on Amazon, or just spread the word though their forums, emails and blogs, and we can't thank you enough. I will mention that this DVD is now going into it's second printing (the first being a very limited initial print run) and hopefully they will continue to sell and help fund our efforts.

I want to mention that if you shop on a US Military Base at a PX or BX or other Base Exhange store, you can help us TREMENDOUSLY by letting the store management know about the Steve Canyon Special Edition DVD. Show them your DVD! If enough of you ask for it we might just get them to carry it in ALL of the Base Exchanges and that WOULD BE SOMETHING!!!

I do have a very small number of the color printed Steve Canyon DVD Sell-Sheets that I will gladly mail (one per request until they are gone) if that will help get us on the Base Exchanges. Feel free to print it out yourself if you'd like and show 'em just what they're missing! And be sure to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you!

Things are definitely heating up, so STAY TUNED 'till our next broadcast!


Linda said...

John, any idea where we can get this issue of "Air Classics"? We drove around all day Saturday, looking at any place that stocked magazines and included Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Books-a-Million. Every single one of them had the next issue, although this one says "Display till 05/31/2008."

John Ellis said...

Linda, please email me.