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Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Steve Canyon on Ebay

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In an effort to further fund our efforts to restore the Steve Canyon TV series, we are offering this original artwork in an online auction on eBay. This is the original art to the Sunday STEVE CANYON strip, dated April 16, 1961. NOTE that this is the very first Steve Canyon SUnday page original we have ever offered online. This is MILTON CANIFF finished art (pencil and ink), over layouts by Dick Rockwell (Norman Rockwell's nephew) who drew layouts from 1953 on (and lettering by Frank Engli, which he did for Milton from 1934 until 1975). This is a superb sunday strip from early in the story Caniff titled THE RETURN OF THE CRAG HAG (Mar 31st to July 1st, 1961). The art is quite clean for a sunday page and in fact looks MUCH brighter, nicer, sharper AND "more even" in person than it does in this image (It's very hard to scan art of this size, this is merely a snapshot). Size is approximately 25 1/8" X 18 3/4". Dogie Hogan and princess Snowflower are in panels 1-3, Steve is in panels 4-9, MADAME LYNX is in panel 9 (her introduction within this story), and Milton Caniff's distinctive signature in panel one along with the distinctive Canyon logo (designed by Noel Sickles).

A RARE SUNDAY STRIP FROM THE MILTON CANIFF ESTATE.This original has been in Milton's family since it was drawn and it is now finally being offered for sale. This is it, don't be afraid to bid and miss your chance on this amazing offering...perhaps you'll be the lucky owner!

This is a one of a kind item, a very rare, very early and very nice Milton Caniff STEVE CANYON original ... NOTE - We are in process of winding down with the sale of Milton's don't miss this great opportunity...we won't be selling many more after this. We are close to the end of what we will be offering.

NOTE - The sale of this artwork directly helps the Milton Caniff Estate with projects we are involved in which we believe will interest many fans of his work, so support a good cause and get a guaranteed GREAT piece of early Steve Canyon art that has NEVER been in the hands of another collector!

I want to mention that I have a LOT of pictures, film clips and information to post in the coming weeks which I am sure will be of interest to those of you that frequent our site, so please be patient and drop by often. And a reminder to everyone that our Special Edition DVD and Commemorative Hats make great stocking stuffers, and purchasing them (or even donating a buck or two) helps to support restoring these shows. I will mention that we just finished transferring episodes 19 through 33 and they look and sound TERRIFIC! This is so exciting, and we can't wait to share these on DVD this coming year, the series 50th anniversary...

Oh, and there's BIG NEWS coming on stay tuned!

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