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Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Holding Patterns

I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday weekend just passed...and the one to come.

The news on Volume 3: We HAVE NOT shipped Vol 3 as WE HAVE NOT received them from the factory. We finally heard from the factory rep just before the weekend and were told that they just weren't able to get to our order prior to their holiday hiatus. In plain terms what this means is that nothing is going to happen until they return on January 3rd and then complete our order (however long that takes, I assume within the week) and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't want to make light of this situation, and I realize that some of you might not even understand the situation...but know that I have pushed and I have shoved and ultimately I just couldn't make the schedule turn out as I promised, and I am sorry and I apologize for that.

I do hope you understand that in any event we are really only a matter of a short time away...the factory has already been paid in full and now we are waiting on them. You may not know that I've been working FULL BLAST on this since late 2005 and NOBODY wants to see this wrapped up more than I do. That's six years! Much of that with little or no funds and basically on a wing and a prayer.

Most of you have sent well wishes and "attaboys" and such, which are very kind and really do help to pep my day, but I still hate to let anyone down ...and after receiving this news and also a couple of really nasty's taken the whole weekend for me to recover enough to write this update. We absolutely have a responsibility to our customers, but we are doing this to see that it gets done, for the love of it, and not for a profit motive. We love this as much as many of you do and there has never ever been any question to us about seeing this through to completion. I fully realize that all of the delays seem ridiculous and frustrating at times, but I want to say that I've done whatever I've had to to keep this ball rolling to insure the completion of this project (with the DVDs finished and in your hands)...and I'll just leave you with that notion.

Note that I will post here (and also send out emails to all V3 pre-order customers) as we receive our orders (slipcase and V3) and when we begin shipping as well...if you don't see it here (or get an email), then it hasn't happened yet. Trust me, you'll know.

John Ellis
Hollywood, CA


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