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Friday, November 11, 2011

Saluting Our Veterans on Veteran's Day

We've Still Got A Few Gremlins...

Birth pangs...last minute whatever-you-might-call-it...and not to belittle the situation, but it IS COMING and that's the main thing (I keep being reminded of this by everyone)...both Volume 1 and 2 had last minute delays as well, so I tell myself "why should this be any different".

Other than the finishing of all of the elements that go into V3, the big issue has been that we have been waiting on a lump-sum payment from my sister's estate which we have been waiting for for exactly the last year...which we need to cover the expensive manufacturing fees of V3. Well we finally received it last week, but the bank put a 14 day hold on it, and can't transmit funds to the manufacturer until that hold is released.

Mind you we have already submitted some already-available funds to the manufacturer so certain things (i.e. the slipcover) we expect to arrive imminently, but they won't finish the final work on V3 until we can pay them in full, and that is the hang-up.

So to put it plainly we are now looking at having everything in hand and ready to ship sometime between the 14th and the 20th of this month...still in time for Christmas, and so I'm going to say the week of December 14th, fingers crossed.

SO now for some fun stuff...

The Full-Series Three-Volume Slipcover

We haven't even hinted at what the slipcase looks like...until now. Following are the final (and very cool) designs by Johann Mitchell:

Full-Series DVD slipcase front cover with top and bottom panels. (all slipcover Graphic designs by Johann Mitchell)

Full-Series DVD slipcase 3D preview simulation.

Full-Series DVD slipcase back and side cover panels.

Full-Series DVD slipcase back cover (3D-view preview) simulating all 3 DVD volumes inserted.

Something that I haven't really pointed out is that the reason WHY we are including the slipcover for free with the Volume 3 pre-orders: it's to be fair to all of those who bought the DVDs from us one volume at a time. Maybe I'm a bad businessman, but it has always bothered me when you have to keep buying the newest release of an old favorite JUST to be able to have EVERYTHING.

You have been loyal to us, so we are being fair in return. And after we end the pro-order free slipcase offer (upon the official release of Volume 3) we will still offer the slipcase by itself for a nominal fee. It's part of our commitment to a standard of quality in both our product and our being in service to our customers. And NOTE that the slipcase will still be included FREE when all 3 volumes are purchased together, and of course as a complete series box-set.

Now some MORE fun stuff:

Volume 3 Cover Designs And Disc Art

ALSO up until now we've only shown the front cover art for Volume 3...well here's a look at the rest of the final designs:

Volume 3 Outside Front and Back cover art. (all Graphic designs for Volume 3 by Johann Mitchell)

Volume 3 Disc 1 art.

Volume 3 inside cover art.

Volume 3 Disc 2 art.

Hope you've enjoyed this revealing look at the designs for the Volume 3 and Slipcase packaging art, and that it will satisfy the hunger for actually holding it in your hot little hands...which will be soon...just a couple of more weeks, and remember we are still talking about delivery BEFORE CHRISTMAS and will announce here as soon as we are shipping! As always, we appreciate and thank you for your support and all the emails and well-wishes, and we apologize for yet another stupid and ridiculous and unavoidable delay for this mammoth undertaking.

Clear skies ahead!

John Ellis
Hollywood, CA


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Anonymous said...

Where is my volume 3? Still waiting.

Barry E. Sullins