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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Volume Two DVD News!

Today is yet another anniversary! Exactly 50 years ago today, on Saturday January 3rd, 1959, the Steve Canyon episode OPERATION BIG THUNDER premiered on NBC. This episode is special as it marked a change in format for the series, one which the cast and crew thought would be well received by both the general public AS WELL AS the network, the sponsor, the aircraft industry at large, and the United States Air Force.

Chuck Courtney, Leslie Parrish (then known as "Marjorie Hellen") and Tom Gilson in the 17th Steve Canyon episode "Operation Big Thunder"

New continuing supporting characters were added and Steve was made commanding officer of the fictitious "Big Thunder" California Air Force Base to allow for more character development and to make the show more like Milton Caniff's newspaper comic strip. And it worked beautifully as you will soon see...

From left, Abel Fernandez, Dean Fredericks, Robert Hoy, Jerry Paris and Ken Lynch in the 17th Steve Canyon episode "Operation Big Thunder"

So now that we have your attention, and we know that you really want to see "Operation Big Thunder"...

On this auspicious occasion we are announcing that THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV Volume 2 DVD is slated for a March 3rd release and that we are now making available advance Pre-Order sales of this 2 disc DVD through the PayPal "Add to Cart" button below. Continuing from the first 12 episodes in volume one, this second-of-three-volumes set will include the following episodes of the series:

13) Operation B-52 aired 15Nov58
14) Operation Crash Landing aired 6Dec58
15) Operation Mushroom aired 29Nov58
16) The Gift aired 20Dec58
17) Operation Big Thunder aired 3Jan59
18) The Search aired 15Jan59
19) Operation Nose Wheel aired 8Jan59
20) The Prisoner aired 22Jan59
21) Operation Souvenir aired 29Jan59
22) The Fight aired 5Feb59
23) The Robbery aired 19Feb59
24) Strike Force aired 14Apr59

There will also be extras on the discs (similar to what was included on Volume One) such as episode commentary tracks...we are still finalizing the artwork and contents at this time. Further details are TO BE ANNOUNCED here in the pages of our blog and we recommend subscribing to Steve Canyon On DVD by using the form on the right hand sidebar on this page (it's free!). We have been getting a lot of mail about Volume Two and we don't want to delay any longer to make advance orders available even though the DVDs won't be available until early March.

I will say that there will definitely be audio commentary tracks for OPERATION B-52 and OPERATION MUSHROOM for added value since versions of these episodes were included on THE STEVE CANYON SPECIAL EDITION. These will also be fully restored versions and look and sound much nicer that they did on the earlier DVD.

There's plenty of cool aircraft again (as you would expect in Steve Canyon) and there are bunches of well known performers in these shows, such as Sylvia Lewis, Richard Anderson, Nick Adams, William Schallert, Leonard Nimoy, Hayden Rorke, Jeanette Nolan, Elena Verdugo, Jay Novello...and many, many more!

We learned our lesson last with Volume One, so we are just going to say the our TARGET release date is on or around the week of March 3rd, 2009. That way if we're a bit late, we won't feel like criminals. Stay tuned for more up to the minute news RIGHT HERE on this channel!

NOTE: Updated release/ship date is May 15, 2009! Discs are "at the factory" and being manufactured right now (May 6th, 2009). Thanks to everyone for your patience.

For more detailed information about what EXACTLY is included in The Complete Steve Canyon On TV Volume 2, click here for More Volume 2 News!

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