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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Special Edition Wide Retail Release Looms

Steve Canyon Special Edition DVD Sell SheetClick Image for larger view!

It's coming! The March 18th wide release is on the horizon, and J.R.Bookwalter and the fine folks at Tempe Video are doing a terrific job with advance publicity and other preparations, an example is the "Sell-Sheet" full color ad shown above. We are already listed on and elsewhere on the net, and I urge those of you that already have the DVD to go to both Amazon (as well as the IMDB) and post a review. I am getting close (finally) on the massive job of fully updating the IMDB Steve Canyon pages so come on by there and leave a comment or review to show your support.

Work is proceeding apace on restoration and special bonus materials for the full-series DVD set coming later this year. More HOT news, exclusive clips and images coming soon, so stick around for more excitement!

Ingrid & SteveHere's Ingrid Goude (Steve's Secretary "Ingrid") and Steve Canyon (Dean Fredericks) Feb 13th, 1959.