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Monday, February 23, 2009

Steve Canyon Volume Two Update

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Here's the final front cover artwork by the illustrious Johann Mitchell
If this image of Dean Fredericks in the cockpit of an F-100 Super Sabre looks a wee bit familiar, another version of it appeared in our very first post here back on October 4th, 2006!

We're finalizing work on the back cover (and WOWEE it's smokin'!) and inside and disc artwork which should be posted within a few days. Work has been progressing on finishing restoration on the episodes and completing the bonus commentary tracks for our March release of this volume.

I will say we have gotten bogged down with certain aspects of this release and are a little bit behind, so we will advise WHEN in March we will actually be shipping Volume 2, so stay tuned. Obviously we will release as close to the original date as possible, but I want to stress that we WON'T jeopardize the quality of this release just to meet the "deadline", we want this to look as good or better than Volume One.

NOTE: Updated release/ship date is May 15, 2009! Discs are "at the factory" and being manufactured right now (May 6th, 2009). Thanks to everyone for your patience.

This week we are recording commentary tracks with Aviation Historian James H. Farmer and Peter Kuran, whose Visual Effects work on the original Star Wars and Star Trek films (among many others) is only surpassed by his awesome documentaries featuring his amazing restorations of historical atomic bomb footage. We are also about to record commentaries with Abel Fernandez and Robert Hoy together for the episodes they both appeared in, and several commentaries with artist and entertainment historian Brad Ulvila...and more!

I am going to keep this brief and get it posted here now. Stay tuned for more Volume 2 news coming right up!


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Email us at Ye Olde Caniff/Canyon Shoppe if you have any questions, comments, or are in need of any assistance. Thanks again for remembering Milton and for making this project possible.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Operation Intercept Screening

On Thursday, March 12, 2009 The National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHF) will be starting their annual 4 day aviation film festival ReelStuff Film Festival in Dayton Ohio, which will be featuring a whole bunch of classic films being presented by an impressive array of personalities...from their ReelStuff Press Release

"...Among Reel Stuff’s presenters are Cliff Robertson and Clay Lacy/The Pilot, Catherine Wyler/Memphis Belle, Nikolai Mullerschoen/The Red Baron, and Steve Hinton/Always. Robertson, who both starred and directed The Pilot, is an Academy Award-winning actor, pilot and 2006 enshrinee of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. Aerial cinematographer Clay Lacy and aerial coordinator Steve Hinton, both also pilots, are each nominees for enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

Additional Reel Stuff Film Festival presenters and projects include Jeffrey Roth/The Wonder of it All, Paul Glenshaw/Barnstorming, John Ellis/Steve Canyon, Richard Hoerle/Captain Eddie, James Farmer/Twelve O’clock High and Strategic Air Command, Cliff & Cathy Fleming/We Were Soldiers, and Rocco DeVilliers/The Fly Boys.

Among our original film screenings in Dayton’s historic Victoria Theater is the Cold War classic, Strategic Air Command, starring Jimmy Stewart, who happens to also be a true-life aviation hero and one of our incoming Hall of Fame enshrinees this July,” explained Kaplan.

Catherine Wyler, daughter of Oscar-winning director, William Wyler, will screen both the 1944 documentary of her late father’s, the Memphis Belle, and the 1990 Warner Brothers action-drama of the same name, which she co-produced."

(NOTE that our very own James Farmer, who provides expert commentary on many episodes in our Steve Canyon DVD series, will be there presenting the WWII aviation epic Twelve O'clock High!)

"They look like snowmen!"...Scene from the Steve Canyon episode OPERATION INTERCEPT, arguably the most memorable show of the series (which will be included in Volume 3 DVD later this year) but will be shown at ReelStuff on March 12th.
You can get more info at "ReelStuff". including a movie clip from the episode.

Of special interest to Steve Canyon fans will be the rare public screening of OPERATION INTERCEPT at 7:30pm Thursday March 12th. The 28th episode filmed, this wildly popular episode will be screened (digitally projected) in the Engineers Club Theatre of Dayton (one of Milton Caniff's old haunts) and will be preceded by a reception (from 6:00pm to 7:30) and discussion/Q&A with me, John Ellis, Restoration Producer for Steve Canyon.

Admission to this presentation and screening (and all individual screenings) is $10.00, admission to the reception will be separate and is at this writing To Be Determined. Further information on tickets to all screenings and the special reception etc. is available at their website.

It is interesting to note that this episode premiered originally on NBC on Tuesday March 31, 1959, almost 50 years to the day of this rare public screening. Don't miss it!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

News Flash: Hats R Back!

Due to popular demand (and we aren't kidding...youse guys are persistent!) we have ordered another batch of our popular embroidered Steve Canyon military-style hats (pictured below), in both black and grey. 

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NOTE that we have finally finagled a decent deal and have ordered a batch of these from the manufacturer and are anticipating delivery around the third week in February 2009. These feature embroidery on the front AND BACK (the back says "Caniff/Canyon 100th/60th-1907/1947-2007" commemorating Milton Caniff's 100th birthday and Steve Canyon's 60th birthday, both occurred in 2007!). The famous Steve Canyon logo is featured on the front.

These high-quality hats are $24.95 each with worldwide shipping included! This is a limited time offer, so don't miss out...reserve yours today!

And in the meantime expect more news on THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV Volume 2 coming right up, so nyah-ah-ah, don't touch that dial! Stay tuned for more exciting jet-age action coming right up!