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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Donate 'N Download

Didja ever wonder just WHAT an actual Steve Canyon TV script was like? Or exactly WHAT NBC was telling their affiliate stations about the series BEFORE it went on the air? Or what an actual Dean Fredericks autographed picture of Steve Canyon was like?
Well...a few of you have been asking about pictures and scripts and autographs and other cool things...SO...
NBC 1958 STEVE CANYON sales brochure
In an effort to provide something nice as an incentive for helping a little to fund our project...
AND as a grand experiment into uncharted territories...

Dean Fredericks autographed photo
We have decided to provide downloads of a few things that are (hopefully) of interest to our loyal fans...IN EXCHANGE for a few bucks donated to The Cause. Initially these three items are (as shown above): a reproduction 8X10 autographed photo of star Dean Fredericks (minus the"sample" watermark); a reproduction of the FASCINATING summer 1958 NBC sales brochure (14 pages touting STEVE CANYON facts and fallacies to the network affiliates); and finally a reproduction of the 36 page FULL SCRIPT for OPERATION TOWLINE (the series pilot film) which was written by Joseph Landon, Shelley Colbert and...Milton Caniff! The downloadable versions are all FULL-SIZE reproductions/scans of the original ACTUAL documents. EACH requires a DONATION of $5.00. You can add as few as one or two of these items, or all three to our online shopping cart by using the pulldown menu below, and pay as usual using our Paypal checkout (though you don't need a PayPal account to check out, a major credit card or ATM card will suffice).

After you make your donation we will send you an email (within a short period of time) with a link and password to download these files. Note that the picture is a standard jpeg (3.2 Megabytes in size), and the two documents are standard Adobe PDF format files, the script being 5.7 megabytes and the brochure is 2.4 megs in size.

You can download and print out a copy for your personal use but please don't share these files or kinda defeats the purpose, and despite the urging of others to charge more, we have opted to keep each at an affordable five bucks apiece. If this is successful we may add more scripts and other goodies, but as I said before, this is experimental.

Choose Your Download

We're still working the kinks out of this system, so bear with us...and let us know if there are any questions or difficulties. Now let's give this thing a whirl and see what happens! NOTE that the email with the link(s) are sent out ONE at a time, by hand, by we will make every endeavor to get 'em out asap...if not sooner!

And understand that if funds weren't desperately needed, we wouldn't be selling off artwork and asking for donations and trying to sell a few more sampler DVDs...and spending so much time to bring in a few this isn't frivolous and is in fact very important.

Again we thank all of you for your generous support and loyalty, and can't wait to release all of the shows to DVD later this year.