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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anniversary Announcement

Click on this image to see the complete strip by Milton Caniff promoting the Steve Canyon TV Series

Today is Saturday, September 13, 2008. Exactly 50 years ago today, on Saturday September 13, 1958 STEVE CANYON debuted on the NBC television network at 9pm eastern and pacific time and 7pm central time. Though the series forsook much of it's comic strip roots (in favor of an adult approach to the material), the show was an instant hit with hordes of growing American boys of all ages (and quite a few girls too!). 

Fans of all ages gather around Steve Canyon (Dean Fredericks) for autographs during the desert filming of the episode OPERATION DIPLOMAT (click image to enlarge photo)

The Milton Caniff Estate has heard from many of you over the last several years and it is for you that we make this announcement on this most appropriate day:

Mark Tuesday November 18, 2008 on your calendars, as on that date we will officially release THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV, Volume 1. This Official Collector's DVD will contain the first 12 episodes of the series for the first time in their correct running order (some with commentary tracks) plus a few selected nifty extras.

60 to 90 days following we will release THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV VOLUME 2 which will contain the next 12 episodes of the series for the first time in their correct running order (some with commentary tracks) plus a few selected extras.

60 to 90 days following we will release the final installment of THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV VOLUME 3 which will contain the final 10 episodes of the series for the first time in their correct running order (some with commentary tracks) plus the original uncut series pilot and the bulk of the main selected extras. These will include documentaries on star Dean Fredericks and the history of the show.  Included with Volume 3 will be a full color custom collectors slipcase designed to hold all 3 volumes together on your video-shelf.

Lucky kid!!! (click to enlarge photo)

More details will be revealed in the days and weeks to come...

Dean Fredericks and Milton Caniff in 1959 at unidentified Toy Fair (click to enlarge photo)

The reason we are releasing via individual volumes instead of in one complete package right out of the gate has several aspects that we couldn't ignore. First, the documentaries and some of the important extras won't be completed for a few more months, and we consider these crucial to this effort. Which leads into the fact that we wanted to get at least the first part of the series out before the end of 2008, the 50th anniversary, as we have promised to do (and our promises mean something to us). And finally there is the matter of economics, the fact that we just don't have the financial resources (with the economy the way it is) to outlay the money needed to produce a box set all at  once.  We understand many fans don't like TV series being split into volumes, and we haven't approached this lightly. We've talked up this issue with various fans and we've gotten an overall "thumbs-up" and have decided this is really our only option. It's an "achievable goal" for us rather than an overwhelmingly huge task. So I hope this explains the why and that you will all bear with us as we release the entire series over the upcoming months.

Dean Fredericks with Steve Canyon statue in Idaho Springs, Colorado circa 1959. Milton Caniff and a Poteet look-alike are just out of frame (click image to enlarge photo)

Finally, for the foreseeable future these new DVDs will ONLY be available from us directly. Therefore we are making THE COMPLETE STEVE CANYON ON TV Volume 1 available as a reduced-price advance order item through our website ONLY. Following November 18 we may or may not make it available elsewhere...more on this aspect later...

So thanks again for all the kind words and support and for enjoying this as much as we do!  Coming up next look here for Volume 1 cover art mockups and LOTS more details.


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Email us at Ye Olde Caniff/Canyon Shoppe if you have any questions, comments, or are in need of any assistance. Thanks again for remembering Milton and for making this project possible.

Whew...hope I haven't forgotten anything...

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Francesco said...

Great news! But the paypal link doesn't seem to work... I end up on paypal's homepage.

John Ellis said...

The PayPal link is now FIXED! Feel free to email us if you have any further problems with it (or if you prefer to mail a payment. Thanks!